Enviromental Loans

Green power. Benefit from making a difference.

Finance your energy and non-energy related projects in Lebanon with IBL Bank’s Environmental Loans and benefit from low interest rates:
  • Green Energy Loans let individuals or companies finance energy saving solutions.
  • Green Non-Energy Loans sow the seeds for individuals or companies to finance projects that tackle pollution abatement, solid waste and waste water treatment, recycling, ecotourism, organic agriculture, and landscaping.

  • Amount: Up to 100% of project value
  • Sectors Covered: All sectors can benefit and everyone from individuals to companies
  • Tenor:
    • New project: 10 year repayment + 6 months to 4 years grace period
    • Existing project: 10 year repayment including 6 months to 2 years grace period
  • Interest:
    • Green Energy loan, not subsidized (LBP);         3.75% - 50%*1YTB =>Actual Effective Rate = 1.075%p.a.
    • Green Non-Energy related loan, not subsidized: (LBP); 3.75% - 50%*1YTB =>Actual Effective Rate = 1.075%p.a.
  • Restriction: Project must be located in Lebanon
  • Requirements: Certification by an Energy Service Company (ESCO) and the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC)