Stay up to date.

IBL Bank brings you a variety of products that keep you up to date with changes in your account and world currencies: IBL Bank Cell Plus, IBL Bank Foreign Exchange, and IBL Bank Card SMS Notification.
  • IBL BANK Cell Plus- Be in control of your account. 
    Get a detailed summary of all your transactions on a daily basis for a monthly fee of only 1$ or LBP 1,500 LBP!
  • IBL BANK Foreign Exchange (FOREX)- The latest rates and figures straight to your phone. 
    This free SMS service notifies you about changes in major currency rates and commodity stock prices twice a day.
  • Card SMS Notification- Keep track of all your transactions. 
    Get automatic notifications on all your credit card activities, wherever you are, even when you’re abroad! This makes identifying and limiting any fraud easy. The monthly fee is only $1 or LBP 1,500 only!